Monday, April 1, 2013

Sophie Lau Daily Makeup + Party Out Self Makeup Class

Refresh your everyday look within no time! Attract all eyes by your sexy new sparking look throughout the  party night! 

Watch a lot Youtube makeup video but can not find the best makeup for yourself? The makeup looks good on the model but not on you?

Because everyone has different face!!

Then join our self makeup class! Sophie is going to design a look for you on your half face, hand in hand teach you finish the other half face.

Sophie think A Good Makeup don't need too look like A Colorful Makeup. What you need is a good balance of your eyebrow and your eyes! once you find out how to shape your eyebrow, how to draw a perfect eyeliner, how to glue the eyelashes, all the other steps of coloring and smokey look become much more easier!

All different faces must have their unique beauty.

A slightly change to makes you looks better means it's a great change!
Think about sometime a makeup change your face too much, makes you looks like a totally different person, your face lost all your youthfulness, innocent, sweetness....
You don't always need to change a lot when wear makeup, just making sure, you change your face in a good way!

Find out the best way to change your face, Join our self Daily makeup+Party Out Makeup class, talk to Sophie, let's talk about YOUR FACE.

Flawless Face,  Perfect Eye Liner Gradating, Easy Eye Lashes Technique, We teach the most trendy quick makeup skills, we let you practice with Sophie Lau's hand, we make sure you can copy the look when you go!

Teacher: Sophie Lau

Location: Sophie Lau Studio at Glenwood

Cost:  $260.00   1 day 2 lessons Total 6 hours
Skill Level: All Levels
Times: Daily Makeup Lesson: 9:30am - 12:30pm
           Party out Makeup Lesson: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Dates:   Class S1 --- 22th/6/2013(completed)
             Class S2 --- 6th/7/2013(completed)
             Class S3 --- 27th/7/2013(completed)
             Class S4 --- 28th/07/2013completed)
             Class S5 --- 4th/08/2013(completed)
             Class S6 --- 5th/01/2014 (completed)
             Class S7 --- 9th/02/2014 (completed)
             Class S8 --- 29th/04/2014 (completed)
             Class S9 --- 1st/06/2014 (completed)
             Class S10 --- 3rd/06/2014 (completed)
             Class S11 --- 20th/05/2014(completed)
             Class S13 --- 27th/07/2014 (full)
             Class S14 --- 3rd/08/2014 (full)
             Class S15 --- 05th/08/2014 Tuesday(full)
             Class S16 --- 17th/08/2014 Sunday (full)
             Class S17 --- 29th/07/2014 Tuesday (full)
             Class S18--- 10th/08/2014 Sunday (full)
             Class S19 --- 22th/07/2014 Tuesday(NEW!!)
             Class S20--- 31st/08/2014 Sunday(NEW!!)


Class date will be locked when more than 3 spots confirmed, Maximum 5 students per class

An eyebrow shaping by Sophie Lau will be offered to all attenders

Makeup Skill to be shared:

1 .Morning Rushing 5 mins Makeup
*How to apply primer, foundation, concealer and makeup powder correctly to give a long lasting flawless skin result
*How to draw a perfect eye liner to enhance your eyes with only a few simply tools

2. Transfer your morning Daily Makeup to a Party night out Makeup
*Easy Success Eyelashes technique: apply your own false eyelashes in 5 minutes, make your eyelashes Stay All Night
*Sexy Sparkling Eye Shadow Application.
*Kissable full lips color technique
*High lighting and shading giving a Movie Star Look
*What cosmetics to use and where to buy.

Makeup Tools required bring to class: Makeup brushes and cosmetics you have. Some essential toosl and colors also available to purchased in the class. Eye Lashes will be provided.

Please fill out below form to book your class. We will contact you shortly after we receive your information!