Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sophie Lau Bridal Makeup and Hair Master Workshop 2014

Sophie Lau Bridal Makeup and Hair Master Workshops

Teacher: Sophie Lau

Location: Urban Studio Suit 401 / 29 - 31 Lexington Drive, BELLA VISTA 2153

Dates and Price
2014 July 8th      Workshop A   Romantic Effortless Flowy Bridal Hairdo   -      $250.00
2014 July 9th      Workshop B   Vintage Hollywood Elegant  Bridal Hairdo   -   $250.00
2014 July 10th    Workshop C  Asian Eye Shape Enhancement Makeup   -       $250.00(full)
2014 July 11th    Workshop C2   Same as workshop C                           -        $250.00

Every workshop is 6 hour 2 lessons.
Morning lesson:  9am-12:00pm         Afternoon lesson:  1:30pm-4:30pm

4 popular hair styles will be demo in each Master Hairdo work shop.
2 full makeup will be demo in Master makeup work shop

Makeup Skill to be shared:
How do give your client clear skin with great coverage also looking transparent ,dewy and glowy.
How to create an intense smoky eyes look, at the same time makeup looks CLEAN!
How to use proper eyelashes and high light to create innocent eyes.
How to Avoid Looking Mature in your makeup.
How to create a natural deep double eye lid makeup for the single eye lid eyes.
How to correct Asian Eye shape with double eyelid tape
How to do Fancy Eyelashes to open up the eyes and still looking natural
How to use high lighting and shading to give a Movie Star Look on dark skin also on fair skin
What cosmetics to use and where to buy.

Hair Skills going to be shared:
How to use hair style to give your clients a younger skinnier looking
How to create a great volume, light weight, loose curvy hair style on the heavy, flat Asian Hair.
How to do choose the suitable hair do for the wedding in different type venues: garden / beach / church / winery  weddings.
How to do modern high quiff / bum hair but avoid looks like a grandma. 
How to do 1920s' Hollywood curls
How to do the WOW effect clean vintage 3D finger waves.
How to keep the great volume, light weight finished on a neat vintage hair style.
How to make the vintage curls stay in place whole day

Hair Tools required bring to Hairdo Workshop: Hair Styling Head, Wig Clamp, Tail Comb, Sectioning Clips,Bobby Pins, Fringe Pins, Rubber Band, Hair Spray, Hair Wax, 25mm Curling Iron

Makeup Tools required bring to Makeup Workshop: Makeup brushes and cosmetics you have.

Whats App: + 61 449949000
Phone: 0449949000

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hair Styling Assistant Wanted

Hair Styling Assistant wanted for weddings. Experience of hair styling is a must. Require travelling. weekend jobs, early start at 5am. if you are interested, please send us your resume and photos of your work to apply. 

thank you!

Sophie Lau Makeup and Hair

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sophie Lau Daily Makeup + Party Out Self Makeup Class

Refresh your everyday look within no time! Attract all eyes by your sexy new sparking look throughout the  party night! 

Watch a lot Youtube makeup video but can not find the best makeup for yourself? The makeup looks good on the model but not on you?

Because everyone has different face!!

Then join our self makeup class! Sophie is going to design a look for you on your half face, hand in hand teach you finish the other half face.

Sophie think A Good Makeup don't need too look like A Colorful Makeup. What you need is a good balance of your eyebrow and your eyes! once you find out how to shape your eyebrow, how to draw a perfect eyeliner, how to glue the eyelashes, all the other steps of coloring and smokey look become much more easier!

All different faces must have their unique beauty.

A slightly change to makes you looks better means it's a great change!
Think about sometime a makeup change your face too much, makes you looks like a totally different person, your face lost all your youthfulness, innocent, sweetness....
You don't always need to change a lot when wear makeup, just making sure, you change your face in a good way!

Find out the best way to change your face, Join our self Daily makeup+Party Out Makeup class, talk to Sophie, let's talk about YOUR FACE.

Flawless Face,  Perfect Eye Liner Gradating, Easy Eye Lashes Technique, We teach the most trendy quick makeup skills, we let you practice with Sophie Lau's hand, we make sure you can copy the look when you go!

Teacher: Sophie Lau

Location: Sophie Lau Studio at Glenwood

Cost:  $260.00   1 day 2 lessons Total 6 hours
Skill Level: All Levels
Times: Daily Makeup Lesson: 9:30am - 12:30pm
           Party out Makeup Lesson: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Dates:   Class S1 --- 22th/6/2013(completed)
             Class S2 --- 6th/7/2013(completed)
             Class S3 --- 27th/7/2013(completed)
             Class S4 --- 28th/07/2013completed)
             Class S5 --- 4th/08/2013(completed)
             Class S6 --- 5th/01/2014 (completed)
             Class S7 --- 9th/02/2014 (completed)
             Class S8 --- 29th/04/2014 (completed)
             Class S9 --- 1st/06/2014 (completed)
             Class S10 --- 3rd/06/2014 (completed)
             Class S11 --- 20th/05/2014(completed)
             Class S13 --- 27th/07/2014 (full)
             Class S14 --- 3rd/08/2014 (full)
             Class S15 --- 05th/08/2014 Tuesday(full)
             Class S16 --- 17th/08/2014 Sunday (full)
             Class S17 --- 29th/07/2014 Tuesday (full)
             Class S18--- 10th/08/2014 Sunday (full)
             Class S19 --- 22th/07/2014 Tuesday(NEW!!)
             Class S20--- 31st/08/2014 Sunday(NEW!!)


Class date will be locked when more than 3 spots confirmed, Maximum 5 students per class

An eyebrow shaping by Sophie Lau will be offered to all attenders

Makeup Skill to be shared:

1 .Morning Rushing 5 mins Makeup
*How to apply primer, foundation, concealer and makeup powder correctly to give a long lasting flawless skin result
*How to draw a perfect eye liner to enhance your eyes with only a few simply tools

2. Transfer your morning Daily Makeup to a Party night out Makeup
*Easy Success Eyelashes technique: apply your own false eyelashes in 5 minutes, make your eyelashes Stay All Night
*Sexy Sparkling Eye Shadow Application.
*Kissable full lips color technique
*High lighting and shading giving a Movie Star Look
*What cosmetics to use and where to buy.

Makeup Tools required bring to class: Makeup brushes and cosmetics you have. Some essential toosl and colors also available to purchased in the class. Eye Lashes will be provided.

Please fill out below form to book your class. We will contact you shortly after we receive your information!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Layered Long Hairstyles | Women Hairstyle 2012

Layered long hairstyles are nothing new. They have been showing up all over the world for many years. Many famous women have used this hairstyle to look fabulous for years. It is a look that looks playful and regal at the same time and one that allows the wearer to make the most out of the hair that they have. It calls attention to the face and gives decent volume to the do so it works extremely well for those women of the world that might have very fine baby soft hair. It is certainly not limited to that hair type but it truly looks very good on thinner hair. For that reason you often will see women with thinning hair lean towards this type of hairdo to maintain a great look.

Layering is a technique where the stylist takes the hair and does different things with length based on the various layers of the hair. One of the down sides of this type of style is that you have a fairly large amount of upkeep to it in order to make sure that it always looks full and is at its best.

he layered look is often considered a more formal look and will usually lend its self more to a professional type setting such as an office or a formal party than it will to a ball game and hot dogs so you should consider that before making the plunge into a layered look.

Once you make the decision to go into a layered hair style, remember that you will be living with it for quite a while. You will have it at least until your shortest layer has grown back. Depending on how short that layer is it could be anywhere from a few months to as long as a year before your hair is back at its original length. Find more 2012 hairstyles.