Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Special Occasion/School formal/Party Makeup and Hair Prcie

Full Strip False Eyelashes
Eyebrow Shaping
Skin prepare
Double eye lid sticky tape (if needed) 
are included in 

--Sophie Lau Price--

Makeup and Hair(Weekdays)
Studio Special: $250.00 per person (only available on Monday to Thursday 9am and 3pm, Friday 9am)
Studio:$300.00 per person  
Travel to you: $450.00 per person 

Makeup and Hair(Weekends)
Studio: $500.00 per person
Travel to you: $550.00 per person 

Makeup or Hair only 
Weekday Special price: $130.00 per person 
only available in our studio on Monday to Thursday 9am and 3pm, Friday 9am

If you like to book makeup or hair only, on the other time in our studio or you need us to travel to you, price will be the same as makeup and hair. please refer to the makeup and hair price above. 

  • Public Holiday price is same as weekend price
  • Travel for the orders above $500.00.
  • Makeup starts before 7:00am when Sophie travel to you, $20.00 early start fee will be charged.
  • When Sophie travel to you, earliest start at 5am, As makeup and hair takes 3 hours, the morning makeover will be finished no earlier than 8am.
  • When makeup location is more than 30KM away from Glenwood,
  • travelling charge:  30-40km:$20.00    40-50km:$30.00   50-60km:$45.00
  • Makeup location more than 60km away from Glenwood please contact Sophie for travelling charge.
  • Parking fee will be charged if any.